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Computer Science Department

Kat de Sent Lisi (St. Lucian Card Games)

Kervory Samuel

For my senior project, I will create a card game consisting of 3 popular card games in St. Lucia. The games are known as Peter Pack, Four Brothers and Vole Patje. The project will entail effectively transitioning from the rules of one game to another. The user will have the option of customizing some aspects of the game but the overall transition requires limited action by the user. For instance, the user can select the number of computer opponents according to the game of choice. Peter Pack has a maximum of 3 cards per hand, whereas Vole Patje has a maximum of 4 cards per hand. Another major feature of this program will be the multiplayer component. I have decided to slightly tweak the games from their traditionally-played formats in order to allow better play against computer-generated players. The major drawback to this approach is that St. Lucian players will not get the true experience of player the card games. For that reason, the multiplayer component will focus on reproducing a game experience that is similar to actual human based play.