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Computer Science Department

SunSPOT Meesager

Pucong Han

A SunSPOT node (Sun Small Programmable Object Technology) is a small, wireless, battery-powered embedded device. It can broadcast and receive data packets that contain integers, booleans and bytes. Based upon this feature, I am designing a Message Center for the SunSPOT Base Station that allows users to chat and share information through the SunSPOT wireless sensor network, and a Data Packet Bouncer on the SunSPOT sensor kit that allows the message to be passed in a long distance. The SunSPOT message center will be a user interface application running on the host and interacting with applications running on the SunSPOT Base Station. The ultimate goal of this user interface is to enable users to communicate using the SunSPOT wireless sensor network. Clients can broadcast messages to either a particular user or all available users via the particular port of the SunSPOT Base Station. The data packet bouncer is a SunSPOT sensor kit application can establish connection with both SunSPOT Base Stations (message center clients) and other data packet bounders within its signal strength. The ultimate goal of this Bouncer application is to transfer data packets between two SunSPOT Base Stations. There can be multiple data package bouncers between two agents. As a result, the packets can travel a long distance through various bouncers.