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Computer Science Department

An Online Farmers' Market

Travis Sheppard

I intend to develop an online farmers' market. The application's database hosts listings of locally grown products, as well as information about the location of the seller. After indicating their location, users can search for various categories of foods sold by local producers. Sellers can easily post information about their products, including photos. If a buyer decided that they wanted to contact the seller, then they would do so by forwarding an email, or via an internal messaging system. Anonymous users are able to see local food listings without registering. However, further functionality is limited to registered users. After entering a unique e-mail address, location information (exact form undecided), and a password, users automatically create their own user profile. With this profile, users can login to access listings of products, list their own products, or even participate in discussions about local food. Users could post comments about products, as well as open-ended discussions about their local food community. As development takes shape, additional features may be conceived.