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Computer Science Department

Artist Circle: The Artists' Social Network

EJ Rudy

Artist Circle will be a dynamic website that will act as a social network site for artists. It will be a multi-medium website meaning that whether you are a musician, visual artist, photographer, writer, etc., you will be able to post your works to a personal page that will interact with other users' pages. The site will feature a page for every user, like Facebook, but the page will highlight your works as an artist rather than pictures of you or posts from friends. Users will also be able to share works from other artists, creating a network for cross-promotion of other users and a true "social network". Artist pages will differ from Facebook and Myspace counterparts by being more focused on a user’s uploaded work than the personal life of that user. In this sense, it is taking a professional approach to social networking. Artist Circle will allow artists to interact with other artists, even across mediums, and will revolutionize artist interaction on the web.