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Computer Science Department

A High School Baseball Prospect Web Site for Prospects and College Coaches

Elliot Ross

This project will be the design of a web site for college coaches to be able to find basic information about high school baseball prospects in their area and vice versa. It will entail constructing a home/login page, a database, and several active server pages. A former baseball coach in Cincinnati who works as an aid and financial consultant to prospects was consulted. He is in need of a professional looking site that will begin as a small database of players in Cincinnati but which soon hopefully will expand to players all throughout the United States.

Visitors to the site will be able to see the home page only. If you create a login and become a member, you will be granted access to the coach and prospect databases. Becoming a member entails being either a prospect or a coach. Depending on which option you choose, the page and profile will vary because the coaches will want to display different elements. For example, a coach will want to display his school's website so the prospect can easily navigate to it and see if he may be interested. On the other hand, the prospect will want to display his position and some statistical information so the coach will find interest in him. A coach member will be able to list his school and the location, this way prospect members can search for schools in a certain area. The prospect members will be able to search for schools in a certain location. At first I would probably hardcode regions to make things simple, but later I am definitely planning on moving to Google services to make things easier and to provide directions. One of the last things to work on would be to build security into the website. This would secure the login names and passwords.