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Computer Science Department

iPhone Workout Application

Ikaika Correa

For my senior project, I will be creating an iPhone application that will act as a tool one can use in the gym during workouts. The application will keep track of your weight lifting workouts, which a user will be able to manually create, by saving your workouts that you performed on a given day, along with the amount of sets and repetitions you completed for the exercises in these workouts. The application will also calculate your progress made for each exercise performed over time. This will make it easier for one to plan and keep track of their workouts as they will have a log of what exercises they have previously done and what weight, sets, and repetitions they previously were using.

The application will be created using the iPhone Software Development Kit (XCode) with the utilization of Photoshop for graphical purposes. The entire application will be written in Objective-C.