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Computer Science Department

An Interactive Online Discussion Forum for DePauw Students

Jianling Fang

This project is about designing a web-based online discussion forum for DePauw students and faculty to share resources and information, and be more involved with campus academic and extracurricular events.

The online discussion forum will serve as an interactive version of DePauw e-services, in order for users to share information faster and more efficiently. DePauw students can benefit from this discussion board in many aspects. Students are forced to engage in the matter both inside and outside of the classroom. More importantly, discussions are independent of place and time. The information is always there, and even students from other courses or disciplines can partake in the discussion. Students do not onlyl learn from their teachers, but also from their fellow students.

Additionally, for example, if a student needs a drive to the Indy airport, he or she will not have to log in to e-services first, post the inquiry, consistently check his or her email account to see if there is response, and then write back to the person who is willing to help. If we have an online communication platform where people in DePauw can easily see other people's needs, a person can just post a thread of his or her inquiry, and other people can directly reply to the post if they can help. Users will also have their own homepages and photo albums in the forum open to the public which their friends or parents can visit and leave comments and messages. The index page will include the following major sections: Campus life, Grad School Application and Career Information, Academic Resources and Questions, Flea Market, Entertainment, and Miscellaneous.