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Computer Science Department

DePauw Online Shopping Mall

Jinrui Zhang

This senior project mainly focuses on developing an online shopping mall for DePauw students or residences around campus. The online shopping mall means to create a much more convenient platform for trading various goods through campus, such as textbooks, appliances or all kinds of personal items that you might want to share. Besides, it is also aiming at enhancing the communications among thousands of students by this online shopping experience.

This online shopping system will be developed based on the stereotypes of major online shopping system such as,, etc. It will maintain the main features including member registration, shopping cart, check-out and administrator's backstage management. Students used to go to e-services to post their offers or needs and then wait for emails from others. Posts are usually ambiguous and easily to miss. Therefore, making post on e-services to manage student's university business is of low efficiency as well as great inconvenience. DePauw online shopping mall is created for conquering the difficulties. People can browse through the products they may need which majorly come from other students. They not only could get the best offer they have ever had, but also they could experience the almost instant delivery. It greatly helps improving campus life as well as creating a substantial community within DePauw University.