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Computer Science Department

The Exchanger

Lei Liang

My senior project is called Exchanger. With the design and implementation under Visual Basic, it provides users with a platform where they can exchange things that they do not need. From the perspective of protecting our environment, if a person simply dumps an unwanted item that still functions well in the trash can, he wastes resources and extra resources will be used for producing another similar item. But this item may be quite useful to other people so a better way is to exchange this item with another person who can make more use of it. Standing on an economic view, users are more likely to exchange for an equal-value item if they can exchange directly. Online shopping websites aim at making profits, so when a person sells a used item through them, a fair amount of transaction fee is charged. My project has a goal to provide a free exchanging platform to users, where trades happen between two people without any money involved.