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Computer Science Department

Unity3D Game

Lucas Rockefeller

This project is a first person 3D game. The game, which is yet to be named, will use the Unity3D graphics engine. The game will encompass a first person character, who moves forward through a 3D world composed of platforms and terrains at set speeds. The character will have the responsibility of avoiding obstacles, and using certain level features to achieve points and victory. The character will have the ability to make small jumps and large jumps, as well as a left swerve and a right swerve, which will allow for user control on how each obstacle is cleared. Input controls for the game will include only the arrow keys for general usage and play. The game will also have a scoring system which takes into account total points accumulated, and the stage rating. These scores will be stored locally, in a simple table keeping track of high scores, which will update automatically each time the user achieves a high score. The game will also have a graphical menu which allows users to select the level they wish to play.

The game will be written using Unity3D software for Windows, and scripting will be done in JavaScript and C# languages. The composition of some of the more complex scripting may be done in Microsoft Visual Studio for Windows and then imported into Unity3D. All 3D models, as of this time, I will create and design myself, including the terrains and levels.