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Computer Science Department

A Web-Based Application for a Fitness Management System

Matthew Polky

The project will be a web application which promotes healthy living. The web app would allow users to manage and track their fitness over an indeterminate amount of time. A user would be able to select what exercise they did on a particular day and also for how long they worked out. The web app would also allow a user to keep track of their eating habits by counting calories. Hopefully by leveraging the user's social network and by designing a simple, intuitive interface, the user will be motivated to stay healthy and will be drawn back to the web app.

The emphasis of the project will be on making the application simple and intuitive. The user should be able to quickly pull up the web application, enter their exercises for the day, and close out of the application in a matter of a few minutes. By integrating an existing API (Wolfram Alpha) for the exercise and calorie calculator, the brunt of the project will focus on the user experience side of the application.