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Computer Science Department

DePauw Event Finding Application & DePauw Event Scheduling Web App

Michael Woodsmall

The project will entail the design and development of an Android based DePauw event finding application, as well as, a Ruby on Rails powered web application. The two applications will be designed to work together. The Rails web application will allow organizations recognized by the DePauw Student Government to create events and post them to the web site. The Android application will provide an easy to use interface to display the events and their details. The Android application will include a variety of features to enhance usability. The user will be able to sort events by organization, date, or type. Also, the user will have different options to view upcoming events. The user will be able to view the events as a list, or view them on a Google map. When the user selects an event from the list or map, more information will be displayed about the event, and the user will be able to get directions to the event. The Android application would also allow users to "follow" a certain organization. When an organization that a user follows posts a new event, the Android application will display a notification in the device's status bar. If time permits, the final feature of the Android application would allow users to view images or minutes from a prior event.