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Computer Science Department

My Virtual Closet: A Desktop Application

Morgan Hooks

My Virtual Closet is a desktop application that allows a user to keep track of his or her wardrobe in an organized environment. The user is able to upload pictures of all of his or her clothing items and accessories. When an item is uploaded, the user selects the color, size, and type (shirt, pants, shoes, etc.) of the item. This allows for easy searching through items once everything is uploaded. The user can also mark an item "unavailable" when it is in the laundry or borrowed by someone else.

Once the user has uploaded items into the closet, he or she can put outfits together to see how items look. If the user has a specific piece in mind, they can search for it using the characteristics they entered when uploading the item. Once they choose an item from each category (shirt, pants, shoes, etc.) the program will generate a picture of the outfit so the user can decide if they like how it looks. If they decide to wear it, they can mark the outfit "worn" and the program will make each piece "unavailable". There will also be an option to generate a random outfit for the user to look at if they don't have a specific idea in mind.