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Computer Science Department

Web Application to Encourage Collaborative Study

Nasheed Moiz

This project involves creating a web based application whose purpose will be to encourage collaborative study among students. It will do so by grouping users according to the courses they belong to and this will be taken care by their respective instructors. Once that part is complete, every student user shall update information about what and where they are studying and this information will then be shared with everyone else on that course giving them the option to join this user to study for that course.

The application will cater to two kinds of courses. The first kind would be reading intensive courses such as English and Anthropology courses and the second kind would be problem and exercise solving intensive courses such as Mathematics and Physics courses. For the first one, students would be able to specify the reading they are working on or discussing and for the second one, they will be able to specify what exercise they are working on or have completed by selecting on of three options from "Not Attempted", "Work in Progress" or "Solved". This will better allow students looking for fellow students to find exactly what they are looking for.

Notifications about study sessions will take place via email and a javascript section of the website may be embedded on the website which will show in realtime the updates about study sessions in progress. This javascript if implemented will also allow user to chat with one another and exchange selected formats of document files. These files may be syllabi, work sheets etc.