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Computer Science Department

Classroom Finding Application

Robert Dvorscak

The project will entail the design and implementation of an Android application that will assist users in finding classrooms throughout DePauw's campus. Initially, the home screen which users will see upon opening the application for the first time will be created. The screen will allow users to choose how they want to search for the classroom and what information they want to get from the application. The users will be able to search for either a building name, a building location, or a room location within a building. The users will be able to search using a building name, a building code, or a room number. The application will also give a user directions to the specified location, however turn by turn directions will probably not be available because of the limits of cellular GPS within buildings. In addition to the regular directions, the application will provide handicap accessible directions as well. Another aspect of the application that is notable is that the user interface will be easy to use so that it can be of help to users.