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Computer Science Department

The Design and Implementation of a Japanese Flashcard Software Program

ShanKara Johnson

The goal of this project is to design and implement a Japanese flashcard software program to be used as a tool for studying Japanese vocabulary words. The program will be written in Visual Basic .NET using Microsoft Visual Studio. Initially, the program will not have any flashcards, but the user will be able to create new ones, using standard keyboard input for English characters and buttons to input the Japanese hiragana and katakana characters. The flashcards the user creates will be saved to a file, so the user can still access them after closing and reopening the program.

User feedback will be extremely important during the design process, so data will be collected from students who are studying/have studied Japanese and faculty members who teach Japanese. The students will be the users of the program and represent stakeholders in this project. The faculty members are not likely to be users, but because they teach Japanese, they are familiar with the way students go about learning the vocabulary, so their input will be quite valuable.