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Computer Science Department

A Mobile-Enabled Website for Real Time Laundry Updates

Shelton Graves

This project is a mobile web enabled page that will allow you to check the status of your laundry. Users will be able to log into a web-enabled page and see whether if the washer is in use. A web cam will be embedded into the page so that you will be able to see if someone is already there about to do laundry. It will send a tweet to a twitter account stating when the laundry is done. A device called I O Bridge will allow for the data from the washer to be collected. The I O Bridge device via Ethernet cable will connect to the DePauw Internet network. From I will have web based monitoring of anything that is connected to the device. An analog vibration sensor connected to the I O Bridge will detect whether the washer is on or off. A magnetic sensor to connected to the door to let you know when the washer door is open or closed. The I O Bridge can read the sensors readings as either on or off, which can translate to displaying whether the washer or dryer is running or not running. The data will be stored into an open source web application (ThingSpeak) that will allow for graphs and charts to be produced from the data stored. The front-end interface will display the graphs and readings from the I O Bridge will be stored into the mobile enabled web page. The page will allow users to sign up for times the washer is not in use.