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Computer Science Department

French Verb Conjugator

Yves-Marie Toussaint

For my senior project I would like to design a French Verb conjugator that will encourage students to learn and practice basic French verb conjugations. The program will be written in Visual Basic .NET using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 development environment. The target user for this program will be any student interested in learning the French language. Some of the main features of the program include: a French/English verb search that will display the conjugation of any selected verb, a practice mode that will allows users to complete verb conjugations, and a flashcard study mode that introduces new verbs to the user. Verb conjugations will be done in the past, present, and future tense.

User feedback will be very important for this project. As a result I will be gathering user feedback from both French students and French instructors who may wish to use the program for introductory level courses. The ultimate goal of this project is to build an accessible program that can be used as a quick reference and study tool for conjugating common French verbs.