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Computer Science Department

Universal Golf Score Card: An iPhone Application

Zach Weisenfels

I am designing an iPhone application that will act as a golf scorecard. The application will keep track of the hole number, the par, and the score. In addition to this, the application will keep track of the number of putts and the green in regulations. This application can be used on any golf course in the world. After a course is played, the vital information (the hole number, the yardage, and the par) will be saved in the application allowing the user to only enter information once. Initially the application will appear empty, with the exception of a demonstration scorecard. When the client wants to use the program for the first time he/she will hit a plus button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The program will then ask the user to enter the name and location of the golf course. The program will then prompt the user to enter whether they intend to play 9 or 18 holes. This step will determine whether after the first 9 holes, the program ends or continues for the last 9 holes. At the start of the hole the user will enter the par and the yardage of the hole and when they have finished the hole they will tap the score section of that hole and enter the score they shot on that hole. In addition they will enter the number of putts they had on the hole and whether or not they hit the green in regulation. If the player shot a birdie the score will be circled and if it was a bogie it will be squared. At the end of the round the application will sum the score, the putts, and the greens in regulations. The score will be printed on the card and the putts and green in regulation will be displayed as an overall average.