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Computer Science Department

Sound Effects Online: A Web-Based Application for an Educational Institution

Brent Hume

This is a web-based application for The Reading Improvement Center,
which is a tutoring center funded by DePauw University. A recent
DePauw graduate helped Ellen Dittmer develop a set of card games
that aims at helping young readers around the second grade age learn
to read, or to help older children who are not where they should
be in their education catch up. Many of the games involve reading
and sorting the color coated vowel cards onto the correct spot on
the color wheel, and then combing these cards with the tan constant
cards to make words. First, database tables must be designed to
store the cards and then the web-based application will be built
in Ruby on Rails. The Rails database will have a table to hold
user info and a collection of tables to hold the nearly 200 game
cards and store their information such as card type, card color,
front face content, and back face content (for some cards). The
web application will allow the students and their tutors to login,
play the reading games, and view the student's profile information.