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Computer Science Department

'Blabber and Speaker': A Social Gaming Web Application Development

Da Huo

For my senior Project, I will create a web application that has
functions of entertainment and social contact. This web application
involves coordination of multiple players and easy-to-use interface.
This application requires registration to use. It will host word
games for players. Players can choose rooms to join and play. The
game is consisted of 5, 7 or 9 peoples. Players will be assigned
to two different teams: blabbers and Speakers (1 blabber for 5, 2
blabbers for 7, 3 blabbers for 9). Before the game starts, each
player will get a word. Blabbers have the different word from
Speakers. Each term, players need to submit a word that relates to
the words they get but not the word. (Blabbers can pretend that he
get the word of Speakers.) Blabbers need to survive or guess the
word of Speaker to win the game. Speakers need to vote blabbers to
death or at the last term to guess the word of Blabber to win the
game. The application provides fun to player. At the same time,
it requires reasoning ability, expression ability and good strategies.
It also provides social functions for users. They can chat with
strangers online in the same game and add friends. They can pair
to play the game in the next time. I will also provide the table
to calculate the winning percentage of players for people to check.