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Computer Science Department

The Stones of Fennoscandia: A Role Playing Video Game That Incorporates Reinforcement Learning And Other Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Dillon Marlatt

This project will be a Role-Playing Game that incorporates reinforcement
learning and other artificial intelligence algorithms. The game
will contain features found in most early RPGs (open world exploration,
interaction with non-player beings, ability to become more efficient
at certain tasks...) as well as a clean and simple graphics. The
plot is still in the works, but the game is set in a fantasy version
of Fennoscandia (Scandinavian Peninsula, Finland, Karelia, and the
Kola Peninsula). The setting/characters/enemies/items will be loosely
based off Fennoscandian history/folklore (so in part will be an
educational experience). At this time, I am leaning towards the
player's quest in collecting "The Stones of Fennoscandia" for some
greater purpose. This project will incorporate my skills in general
programming, artificial intelligence, history/folklore, studio art,
and story telling.