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Computer Science Department


Jimmy Burgess

Fishi is a project that applies the fisheye interface design schema,
the design schema of making the center a clear, focused component
while sub-components are in the periphery and smaller or blurry,
to rethink the interface for web browser tabs and history. Fishi
is a web browser implemented in Visual Basic with a center, main
window. This main window is the user's active window, and has a URL
bar for changing to a new website. When the user changes websites,
the previous website that occupied the main window becomes a
sub-window; a smaller, tile version of the website that is positioned
around the perimeter of the main window. When a sub-window is clicked
it becomes the main window, and the previous website becomes the
first sub-window. Sub-windows accrue around the perimeter of the
main window until they form a complete border around the main window.
At this point, the sub-windows position in another layer around the
first border of sub-windows. The sub-windows in this layer become
even smaller than the sub-windows in the first layer. Repeating
this process to hold a large number of tabs along with the user's
history, effectively applies the fisheye interface design schema
to the notion of tabs and user history within a web browser.