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Computer Science Department

Web Application to track event attendees

John Wigen-Toccalino

The goal of the application is to keep track of fraternity and
sorority event attendants. The application will use a database
with all student information (name, age, class, living unit, etc.).
However, DePauw University does not give out this information, so
false information will be used for testing purposes. The application
will keep track of all attendants at events, when they arrive and
when they leave. A card reading device will be able to attach to
the computer being used and swipe information from student ID cards,
this is how students will check in and out of events. At the end
of these events all the information will be saved for later use by
DePauw housing and public safety. At the end of the senior project
it will be handed over to the university for their use in years to