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Computer Science Department

A Java-Based Screen-Stencil Canvas

Jonathan Saddler

For my senior project, I will be designing a canvas-drawing user
interface using the Java programming language that bears a special
feature of guiding the drawings of markings along the edges of
previously placed figures on the screen. The name that I have
designated to the application I will be designing is "screen-stencil
canvas." I formally define a screen-stencil canvas as a canvas on
your computer that allows you to draw digitized markings onto the
screen, but with the added effect of constraining your drawing to
the contours of special objects already present that your drawing
instrument happens to touch while drawing. This specific function
in my application will be versatile among different input devices
that move the cursor; I plan to support the both the pointing pen
and input mouse for use as drawing instruments in my application.
The program will simply consist of a blank canvas, a mouse-accessible
menu, and a range of selectable tools and interface devices made
accessible by a pointing device. There are two type screen stencils
I want to design that cover separate use cases: aligning a drawing
to the outer faces of an object (one might refer to the object as
a "solid" object), and constricting a drawing to lie within the
boundaries of a ring or box template (one might refer to the object
as an "empty" object). My screen stencil would be useful because
it helps the user be better able to draw shapes on screen, while
reducing the difficulty in how to customize drawings and make them
appear correct when drawn. It will also allow for a new and easy
way of customizing lines, circles, and angles.