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Computer Science Department

A User Friendly Calendar App

Quinn Carrico

The end goal is to create a more user-friendly, easily accessible
calendar app for android. Instead of having a blanket data type
called event that all appear the same, the hope is that one could
enter event types. For instance, you can have an event called
"Operating Systems" that would be a "class" type. This would behave
differently in your calendar than say "Meet Bri for Lunch" or "Spring
Break" based on coloring and indication. In contrast to the commonly
used Google calendar app, there would not just be a shaded corner
for any event. Additionally, the hope is to create a GUI utilizing
the full screen and touch screen capabilities of most smart phones.
Envision instead of having only a monthly view with a more detailed
daily view, to include a weekly or 5-day view that the user can
slide to see farther into the future to see more information more
quickly. This is also where color-coding comes in with speeding up
the process of "checking your calendar." This view will be the
primary focus of the project.