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Computer Science Department

Learning the Facts: Sexual and Domestic Violence Awareness Application

Sarah Granger

With DePauw's student sexual violence awareness group, Code T.E.A.L.,
promoting their values: talk, educate, advocate, and listen, on
campus in 2012 and 2013, it is timely to develop a desktop application
whose purpose is to educate users on sexual assault and domestic
violence statistics. The application is based upon trivia questions
of varying difficulty (easy, medium, difficult), which the user is
prompted to answer throughout the course of the application's run
time. A mix of questions in multiple choice, true false, or fill
in the blank format stave off monotony, while short video interviews
by campus and community sexual and domestic violence awareness
advocates serve as an intermission between question groups. The
application will also get a sense of the user's sexual and domestic
violence knowledge level by defaulting to more difficult questions
after a string of ten easy or medium questions are answered flawlessly.

The content of the application will be obtained from my own personal
research, in addition to discussions and interviews with Code T.E.A.L
campus leaders, student government members, the DePauw Women's
Center staff, and volunteers at the Crawfordsville Women's Shelter.
The java-based application will be integrated with an attractive,
upbeat, and gender- neutral GUI interface. The application's ultimate
purpose is not only to educate the user, but to make learning about
these uncomfortable realities more comfortable. The DePauw Women's
Center has expressed interest in using the application as an
educational tool upon its completion.