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Computer Science Department

An Android-Based Trivia Application (Trivia Knowledge)

Sylvester Agyen

This project is a Trivia game application based on the Android
platform. The application will be heavily influenced by a ranking
system in which users climb up a ladder of ranks. There will be a
variety of categories for players to choose from. There shall be a
single player mode in which players can either challenge the clock
to see how many correct answers they can achieve in a limited time
frame and a survival mode in which they can play to see how many
questions they get right before getting any wrong. There shall also
be a multiplayer mode in which players can invite friends to play
against or be paired with a random player. There will also be an
implementation of a scoreboard in which the top players shall be
displayed and also a place to view the highest ranking players.
While playing a game, players will be given tokens based on how
well he or she does and these tokens can be redeemed in later games
for hints on difficult questions.