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Computer Science Department

Robert J. Thomas Outstanding Senior Award

This award is presented annually by the Computer Science Faculty to recognize demonstrated and consistent excellence while fulfilling the requirements for a major in Computer Science.  The award is named for Dr. Robert Thomas, who taught at DePauw from 1958 – 1991. 

Truc (Bamboo) Le

Nick Polanco

Will Johnson, 2016

Taylor Brandstatter, 2016

Michael C. Davidson, 2015

Tao Qian, 2015

J.D. Hoover, 2014

 Brent Hume, 2013

Catherine M. Baker, 2012

Paul H. Elliott, 2011

Danielle R. Jaegers, 2010

Peter E. Schamber, 2010

Zachary J. Koch, 2009

Chad M. Byers, 2008

Joel A. Dart, 2007

Laura A. Kuh, 2006

Kyle A. Shipley, 2006

Nathan D. Nichols, 2005

Benjamin T. Steffan, 2005 Benjamin A. Betz, 2004
Jing Tun, 2004 Alicia M. Clapp, 2003

Denis S. Sazanskiy, 2003

Eric D. Hodges, 2002

Elizabeth A. Broering, 2001

Zackary J. Runner, 2001

Kelli N. Wilson, 2001

David K. Johnson, 2000

Kelly M. Van Busum, 1999

Melanie B. Downie, 1998

Lance J. Kugler, 1997

Jeffrey G. Bogda, 1996

Ryan T. Houlette, 1996

John A. Lawrence, 1995

Timothy H. Harrison, 1994

Nicholas P. Rahn, 1994