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Business Administration Minor

This interdisciplinary minor is designed for students interested in obtaining exposure to the concepts of business administration from a liberal arts perspective.  Six courses and an internship are needed to complete this minor.

Required Core ECON 100, ECON 220, and ECON 280 or ECON 393
Selected Core (choose one) ECON 393, ECON 398, PSY 364*, MATH 422*
Quantitative Analysis Requirement (choose one) BIO 275*, COMM 350, ECON 350, MATH 247, MATH 341, MATH 441*, MATH 442*, POLS 318, PSY 214*, SOC 401
Elective(s) (choose a minimum of one additional course) CFT 100, COMM 326, COMM 335*, CSC 121, ECON 360*, ECON 393, ECON 398, ECON 420*, ECON 430*, ECON 470*, KINS 406, MATH 331*, MATH 336, MATH 422*, MATH 423*, PHIL 230 or PHIL 233, PHIL 231, PSY 254*, PSY 364*

At least four of these courses must be outside the student's major(s) and other minors.
Students with a minor in Business Administration are required to attend at least six Management Center lectures during their junior or senior year. (The McDermond Center for Management & Entrepreneurship must be notified of a student's intention to complete this minor during the spring of their junior year. Please see below for the appropriate forms.)
Completion of an internship approved by the Department of Economics and Management is required.

Courses that have a prerequisite outside the core are designated with *.

Internship Guidelines

Each student, in consultation with his or her advisor from the Department of Economics and Management, must complete an internship. Typically, at least a summer internship with substantial business content (paid or unpaid) is acceptable, but Extended Studies experiences can be approved also.

The Business Administration Minor student should provide the advisor with these details:

Company Name:
Job Title:
Start Date:
End Date:

At the end of the internship, the student should report a description of duties, assignments and accomplishments to the advisor.

Necessary Forms

Click here to download the Minor Declaration Form.

Students should visit the McDermond Center (suite 150 in the UB) no later than the end of spring term of their junior year and request to be notified of all upcoming speakers. They should also log their presence at any event they attend during their senior year.

Minor certification for the Business Administration Minor includes two steps: 

1) Attendance Form:  Students verify they have fulfilled their McDermond Center event attendance by taking the BusAdminMinorAttendanceForm.pdf to the McDermond Center.

2) Certification Form: Students deliver the verified event Attendance form to their advisor and complete the MinorCertificationForm.pdf

This Minor Certification form should be completed after the student has met the attendance requirement, which may occur after the Minor Certification deadline but must occur before the last day of classes. The student must complete both steps to certify the minor. Students deliver both the Attendance and Minor Certification forms to the Registrar.

For questions contact the Chair of the Economics and Management department.