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International Business Program

The International Business Program is designed for those students preparing for careers in international trade or finance. Students electing this program major in one of the following areas--Asian Studies, Economics, French, German, Russian Studies or Spanish. In addition, students complete courses in the international business concentration as follows:

  • Core courses: Economics--ECON 100, 220, 280 or 393, 295 and 420; Foreign Language--a minimum of two courses beyond the intermediate (second year) level, to be selected in consultation with the chair of modern languages.
  • Elective courses: A minimum of four elective courses (none of which is counted toward the minimum number for the major or core) related to the international area of specialization, of which at least two must be from the departments of history and political science. Elective courses must be approved by the student's International Business Advising Committee. (The International Business Advising Committee consists of the director of The McDermond Center for Management and Entrepreneurship, the chair of the core department and the student's major advisor.)

It is strongly recommended that students seeking a concentration in International Business spend some time (Winter Term, semester or year) in an off-campus study program in the foreign country or region in which they are specializing. Appropriate courses taken in such approved off-campus programs will count toward fulfilling the requirements of this concentration. In addition, an internship arranged in consultation with the director of the McDermond Center is highly encouraged.

Economics majors take four electives and from two to six language courses depending on language placement. All other majors take five economics courses and four electives.