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Paths through the major

The course groupings below illustrate sample ways students can focus their study within the Economics Major at DePauw University.  The actual shape of the program that any student follows will, of course, be the result of consultation between the student and the faculty advisor.

The courses in these lists supplement the economics major core, which includes these five courses:

ECON 100: Introduction to Economics

ECON 294: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory

ECON 295: Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

ECON 350: Statistics for Economics and Management

ECON 480: Seminar or ECON 485: Independent Senior Thesis


The following courses would be appropriate for students interested in

U.S. Economic Policy Analysis:

ECON 262: Urban Economics

ECON 410: Public Finance

ECON 430: Industrial Structures and Public Policy

ECON 470: Money and Banking

ECON Topics: Health Economics

ECON Topics: Labor Economics

ECON Topics: Environmental Economics and Policy


International Economic Analysis:

ECON 320: Development Economics

ECON 342: Comparative Economic Analysis

ECON 420: International Economics

ECON Topics: Economics of Latin America

Mathematical Economics:

ECON 375: Mathematical Economics

ECON 385: Regression and Simulation

ECON 440: Applied Game Theory

ECON 450: Econometrics

Modern Economic Enterprise:

ECON 235: Modern Economic History

ECON 398: Business Policy

ECON 430: Industrial Structures and Public Policy

ECON 440: Applied Game Theory

ECON Topics: Labor Economics


Financial and Business Economics:

ECON 220: Financial Accounting

ECON 280: Managerial Accounting

ECON 360: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

ECON 393: Managerial Finance

ECON 430: Industrial Structures and Public Policy

ECON Topics: Financial Engineering