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Internships and Fellowships

Student internships and fellowships provide opportunities for students to gain experience in their field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, and create a network of contacts. Internships may be paid or on a volunteer basis with some even providing living expenses. Fellowships often include a stipend.

Internships and fellowships in education may be found in museums, legal firms, NGO's, and schools, to name a few. Contact the Hubbard Center for more information.

Some Internships and Fellowships completed by Education Studies students:

Uncommon Schools Summer Teaching Fellowship

US Department of Education

Breakthrough Collaborative

Lighthouse Youth Services

Rachel Hanebutt ('15)

Rachel Hanebutt ('15)

Rachel, an Education Studies and Political Science double major, spent a summer as an intern at the Department of Education in Washington D.C. Not only did Rachel gain valuable insights she could use for planning her future, she also realized the value of her DePauw education. According to Rachel, "The most memorable experience was presenting to a group of 40 high-level positions, and then being asked 'What consulting firm do you work for? Oh, you're still in school? What PhD are you going for currently? There's no way you're still in undergrad.' That's when I knew I'd been well prepared by DePauw!"

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Lily Barrera ('16)

Lily Barrera ('16)

Lily (second from the left) spent a summer as an intern at Breakthrough Collaborative (BT) in Austin, Texas, as a summer school 8th grade English teacher. BT interns work in a variety of urban areas and receive a scholarship to be used toward their education along with compensation and housing for the summer. Lily especially enjoyed not only the students but also meeting such a diverse group of interns from all over the country.