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Ford, Derek R., PhD



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Education Studies, Harrison Hall, Room 218

Education Studies

Assistant Professor of Education Studies

Derek is an educational theorist who teaches classes in philosophy and history of education. He received his PhD in cultural foundations of education from Syracuse University (2015). His research examines the educational logics at work in political, economic, and social systems, what educational theory can offer contemporary political movements, and how education can help us re-imagine and re-enact our ways of being-together.

He has written and edited six books and published in a variety of journals. He is associate editor of Issues in Teacher Education and chair of the education department at The Hampton Institute. His most recent book is Education and the production of space: Political pedagogy, geography, and urban revolution (Routledge, 2017). His cv is here.


EDU 170: Foundations of education
EDU 197: We can't breathe: Identity, capitalism, and air conditions
EDU 197: Urban revolutions: Space, capitalism, and social change
EDU 223: Deconstructing differences
EDU 275: Radical philosophy and education
EDU 325: History of American education
EDU 412: Critical disability studies in education
UNIV 184: The Baltimore Rebellion: Anatomy of an uprising
UNIV 291: Prindle reading course: Karl Marx, Capital (Volume 1)

Selected publications


-Ford, D. (2017). Education and the production of space: Political pedagogy, geography, and urban revolution. New York: Routledge.
Ford, D. (2016). Communist study: Education for the commons. Lanham: Lexington Books.

Journal articles:

-Ford, D. (2017). Making marxist pedagogy magical: From critique to imagination, or how bookkeepers set us free. Critical Education, 8(9), 1-13.
-Ford, D. (2017). Studying like a communist: Affect, the party, and the educational limits to capitalism. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 49(5), 452-461.
-Ford, D. (2016). A pedagogy for space: Teaching, learning, and studying in the Baltimore Rebellion. Policy Futures in Education, 14(2), 176-193.
-Ford, D. (2016). Revolutionary parallel pedagogy: A critical teacher education for the multitude. Issues in Teacher Education, 25(2), 55-67. (reprinted in Notes & Abstracts in American and International Education (2017), 123.
-Ford, D. (2016). Joining the party: Critical education and the question of organization. Critical Education, 7(15), 1-18.
-Ford, D. (2015). The pneumatic common: Learning in, with and from the air. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 47(13-14), 1405-1418.
-Ford, D. (2015). A figural education with Lyotard. Studies in Philosophy and Education, 34(1), 89-100.
-Ford, D. (2014). Spatializing marxist educational theory: School, the built-environment, fixed capital, and (relational) space. Policy Futures in Education, 12(6), 784-793.
-Ford, D. (2014). A critical pedagogy of ineffability: Identity, education, and the secret life of whatever. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 46(4), 380-392.
-Ford, D. (2013). Butler goes to work: A political economy of the subject. borderlands e-journal, 12(1), 1-19.
-Ford, D. (2013). Toward a theory of the educational encounter: Gert Biesta's educational theory and the right to the city. Critical Studies in Education, 54(3), 299-310.

Book chapters:

-Ford, D. (2018). Studying like a communist: Affect, the party, and the educational limits to capitalism. In N. De Lissovoy (Ed.), Marxisms and education. New York: Routledge. (reprint).
-McLaren, P., & Ford, D. (2018). Revolutionary critical pedagogy and the struggle against capital today. In L. Rasiſski, D. Hill, & S. Skordoulis (Eds.), Marxism and education: International perpsectives on theory and action. New York: Routledge.
-John, K., & Ford, D. (2017). The rural is nowhere: Bringing Indigeneity and urbanism into educational research. In W. Reynolds (Ed.), Forgotten places: Critical rural education studies. New York: Peter Lang.
-Ford, D. (2016). The air conditions of philosophy of education: Toward a microsphereology of the classroom. In E. Duarte (Ed.), Philosophy of Education 2015. Urbana: Philosophy of Education Society.
-Ford, D. (2015). From standardized testing to the war on Libya: The privatization of U.S. education in international context. In B. Porfilio & M. Abendroth (Eds.), Understanding neoliberal rule in K-12 schools: Educational fronts for local and global justice. Charlotte: Information Age Publishing.
-Malott, C., & Ford, D. (2015). Teaching Ferguson, teaching capital: Slavery and the "terrorist energy" of capital. In C. Jenkins (Ed.), The 2016 Hampton reader. New York: Hampton Institute Press.
-Porfilio, B., & Ford, D. (2015). The corporate-military-governmental milieu. In M. Fang, B. Schultz, & W. Schubert (Eds.), The Sage guide to curriulum in education. London: Sage.


Ph.D., Cultural Foundations of Education, Syracuse University, 2015
M.S., Cultural Foundations of Education, Syracuse University, 2012
B.A., Peace Studies, Goucher College, 2008

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