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English Literature Minor

Core courses

One course that stresses writers before 1830. One course that stresses writers after 1830.

Other required courses

ENG 197 may be counted toward a minor.

Number 300 and 400 level courses


Total courses required

Five literature 


English Writing Minor

Core Courses

English 149:  Introduction to Creative Writing

English 349:  Form and Genre

Other Required Courses

One English Literature course at any level

Two 200- and/or 300-level Writing Workshops, these may include:
ENG 232, News Writing and Editing
ENG 301, Fiction Workshop
ENG 302, Fiction Topics
ENG 311, Poetry Workshop
ENG 312, Poetry Topics
ENG 321, Non-Fiction Workshop
ENG 322, Non-Fiction Topics
ENG 331, Advanced Reporting Workshop
ENG 332, Advanced Reporting Topics
ENG 341, Playwriting Workshop
ENG 342, Screenwriting Workshop
ENG 343, Dramatic Writing Topics

Total courses required

Five courses*

*courses from other departments may be counted for one credit toward the writing minor by approval of the English department chair and minor advisor