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Our Alumni

The English major at DePauw gives students access to diverse and wide-ranging paths through life. Whether students major in English Writing or Literature, they acquire important skills through their work in English--critical thinking; precision and clarity of written and oral communication; the ability to reflect on the intersection of society, history, art, and human nature; the ability to examine the stories we tell and seek meaning in them; the ability to meet deadlines; and the ability to reflect in meaningful ways on the work of others. These serve students well in divergent fields of endeavor, as the careers of our alumni clearly illustrate.

With the English major, our students go on to become authors (poets, screenwriters, novelists, playwrights), professors, lawyers, scholars, activists, filmmakers, doctors, arts administrators, zookeepers, copywriters, journalists, bloggers, editors, healthcare professionals, publishers--the lists goes on and on. Employers, collaborators, and graduate programs gravitate toward our alumni as people who know how to communicate, know how to work independently, and  know how to share ideas with others.

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