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Jeane Pope - Water Quality Research

Research Description:

Starting in 2012, I am developing a new research program to investigate and address agricultural runoff in Putnam County, Indiana. Agricultural runoff, water that is contaminated by agricultural chemicals, is a potential concern in Putnam County because 59% of the land is used for agricultural activity.  The goals of my current research program are to 1) perform field reconnaissance to identify sampling sites where my students and I will collect data that will inform an operating hypothesis about influences on water quality in the Big Walnut Creek Watershed;  2) develop class and lab materials for upper-level geoscience classes; and 3) establish a permanent Riverwatch program for Greencastle. Successful completion of this project will contribute to the university mission by enhancing my professional reputation as a scholar, increasing students’ awareness of environmental problems, and providing opportunities for students to become scientifically and civically engaged.


Investigating agricultural runoff in Indiana(2011 – 2014)

Student Collaborators:  Carly Dutkiewicz (GEO/SRF), Caitlin Handy (SRF), Alessandra Pistoia, Greg Screws (GEO), Reilly Taylor (GEO)

Web Stories:  
“Troubled Water?”, July 6, 2012, https://www.depauw.edu/news-media/latest-news/details/28743/

“Professor Jeanette Pope”, January 4, 2011, https://www.depauw.edu/news-media/latest-news/details/26346/

The effect of acid mine drainage on water quality in SW Indiana(2002 – 2011)

Student Collaborators:  Erica Amt (GEO), Kelly Fransted (SRF), Christina Houston (SRF), Philip Mooney (GEO), John Pogue (GEO), Laura Stevens (SRF), Andrew Turner (SRF), Nick Vetz (GEO/SRF)

Pope, J., Bayless, E.R., Olyphant, G., and Branam, T., 2012, The role of efflorescent sulfate salts in Indiana’s mine water quality, in Comer, J., ed., Effects of abandoned mine land reclamation on ground and surface water quality in Indiana, Indiana Geological Survey, 51–72.

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Turner, A. Jerz, J., and Gourley, B., 2003, Aqueous impacts of acid mine drainage, Fourth Annual Indiana Local Section American Chemical Society Poster Session, Indianapolis, IN.

Enhancing student understanding of environmental systems with ion chromatography(2003 – 2006):

National Science Foundation award CCLI-0311211

Student Collaborators:  Hydrology, Geochemistry, and Environmental Geology Classes 

Pope, J., Mooney, P., and Pogue, J., 2006, Integrating research into an undergraduate geochemistry course, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, 38(7) p. 500.

Other significant publications:

Jerz, J., and Rimstidt, J. D., 2004, Rate of pyrite oxidation in moist air, Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta, 68, 701– 714.

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