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Writing in the Major

The writing requirement for the Global Health major consists of a portfolio of writings presented with a written reflection. Portfolios will be reviewed by the Global Health steering committee for evidence of improvement and competence in writing in the major.

As a major, you will submit a portfolio in the spring semester of your junior year. The centerpiece of the portfolio is a written reflection focusing on your development as a writer within the major and you used instructor and peer feedback to improve your writing. You should support arguments about how your writing has improved by referring to writing samples and peer or instructor feedback from throughout your first three years at DePauw.  The writing portfolio should consist of three to five (3-5) papers, for a total of more than 10 pages and less than 30 pages (10-30 pages), not including the written reflection.  Papers submitted must be from courses in at least two different departments at DePauw, to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of this major.

The portfolio must include the following:

  • One writing sample from a course in your first year of college.
  • One writing sample demonstrating evidence of your ability to analyze complex information related to global health.
  • One writing sample demonstrating evidence of your ability to make a convincing argument about a complex topic in global health.
  • Evidence of the ability to identify and effectively use and document appropriate sources.
  • Evidence of the ability to write in a clear, concise, and interesting fashion.
  • Evidence of the ability to write in a manner appropriate to particular audiences such as other experts in the field or the general public.
  • A written reflection that indicates how you have evolved as a writer over the course of your major and what you view as future goals your writing.

All writing samples may be final versions of papers produced after instructor and/or peer feedback in response to paper drafts.  This should be noted in the written reflection.

Portfolios are due on the second Wednesday of May of the junior year. Any student whose portfolio does not demonstrate competence will be notified by the first day of the fall semester of their senior year and will have to complete an additional writing component of the senior capstone course exam to demonstrate writing competence in the major.