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Academic Awards

Phi Beta Kappa

2014-15 Lucy Hang La, Will Gleason
2013-14 Benjamin J. Roess
2012-13 Will Calderwood
2011-12 Carroll Bible
Luke Bretscher
Roy Leaf 
2010-11 Tyler A. Archer
Alain C. Hobbs
Rebecca L. Janvrin
R. Corey Klee
Emily H. Smedra 
2009-10 Luke Beasley
Daphne A. Crane
Nicholas W. Laird
Emily C. Shulte 
2008-09 Tina Irvine
2007-08 Alexander P. Breitinger
Andrew M. Bruner
Ashley E. Faulkner
Laura L. Parks 
2006-07 Kristen M. Little
2005-06 Caleb Beasley
Gregory Laposa 
2004-05 Nicholas D. Gaffney
Justin W. Kruse 
Brian T. Murphy 
2003-04 Jessica S. Brandt
Stephen J. Robinson 
2002-03 Melissa Gross
Edward J. Whitford 
2001-02 Susan C. Hall
Juan M. Pedroza 
2000-01 Adam W. Kersey
Jennifer E. Walcoff
John K. Wall 

      Phi Beta Kappa


Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest Greek-letter society in America, and the DePauw University chapter was the first established at an Indiana college and is one of fewer than 250 chapters at distinguished colleges and universities in the nation.  It is the oldest and most prestigious honors organization. Selection to the scholastic society represents the highest academic honor possible in the liberal arts and is based on students' scholarship.  At DePauw, Phi Beta Kappa honors are conferred upon students during the spring semester.  Phi Beta Kappa's distinctive emblem, a golden key, is widely recognized as a symbol of academic achievement.


Fulbright Scholars

Tiffany Hodge 

Elin Raun 

Eric Reese



Teach For America

Tyler Archer 

Luke Beasley

Tina Irvine