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Past Winning Seminar Paper Topics

Year Name Seminar Paper Title
2015 Ryan Heeb Downfall:  Erich Honecker, the Political Crisis of 1989, and the Fall of the Berlin Wall
2014 Anne M.
Assembling the Pieces:  Loyalist Women's Lives Before, During, and After the War for American Independence
2013 Roy Leaf &

Graham Wilkerson
Antimodernism and the American Sportsman: Protest, Accommodation, and Hegemony in the Late 19th Century

The Black Friar Incident: A Catalyst For Student Confrontation on DePauw's Campus, 1959
2012 Tyler Archer &

Emily Smedra 

Pioneer, Popularizer and Politician: John Clark Ridpath as a Public Intellectual

Raised Hands: Education as an Avenue for Agency in Japanese American Internment Camps
2011 Emily Schulte Tartan and the Union Jack: British Recruitment Appeals during the Great War
2010 Alexander Breitinger "We Have All Become Guilty as a Result of This War", A Study of the German-Language Press in America during the Second World War
2010 Tina Irvine Reproductive Rights in the Heartland: A History of Planned Parenthood in Bloomington, IN, 1964-1994
2008 Jennifer Tomera Internment and Identity: Japanese Americans During World War II
2007 Christopher Ball In Washington's Shadow: A Vindication of Charles Lee
2007 Gregory Laposa Slaver, Race, and Identity on the Missouri Frontier
2006 Bill Metzinger St. Louis Derailed:  The Rise of Consolidation, Electrification and Expansion in the St. Louis Transit Strike of 1900 (Click here to read)
2005 James Larson "A Period of Denazification and Disconnect:" Educational Reform in the U.S. Occupied Zone of Germany, 1945-1949
2004 Elin Raun  Estonians in Exile: Continuity and Challenge
2004 Stephen Robinson  The Man Who Wouldn't Be President: Thomas Riley Marshall and the Woodrow Wilson Crisis
2003 Micah Lukens The Reinvention of Rural Community in Indiana, 1880-1917
2003 Juan Pedroza Forging Economic Mobility & Challenging a Political Machine in La Villita-Little Village: A History of a Mexican Community in Chicago, 1980s
2002 Susan Hall The Black Hawk War: Diverging Ideologies of the Middle Ground
2001 J.K. Wall The Secession Question in Tennessee
2001 Adam Kersey Struggles for Rights, Granting of Rights: Peasant Community and Imperial State in Mexico, 1865-1866
2000 Brian Garrison  
1999 Michael Rusie  
1998 Benjamin Wineman  Facade Over Detroit: Race and Society in the Motor City, 1943-1967