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ITAL 271

Cultura e Societa' Italiana I

Second year Italian. First semester. The course focuses especially on developing proficiency in writing, reading and oral expression, and all work is contextualized in contemporary culture. The course is designed to widen knowledge of vocabulary, perfect structural use of the language, and prepare students who want to work or live in Italy for a semester or a longer time. Lessons will present a variety of authentic materials such as newspaper articles, listening-comprehension clips, and films to facilitate immersion in Italian culture and society. In this course students gain intercultural competence and grow to be global citizens by learning to be aware of cultural difference, developing skills to listen and observe, opening up to learning from other cultures, adopting new ways to learn, and adapting to new cultural environments. Prerequisites: ITAL 171 & 172, or placement test, or approval of the Program Director.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Language ITAL 171 & 172, or placement test, or approval of the Program Director 1 course

Fall Semester information

Francesca Seaman

271A: Cultura e Societa' Italiana I