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Gomolka, C. J. (CJ), Ph.D.




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Modern Languages, East College, Room 305
Greencastle, IN

Modern Languages

Assistant Professor of Modern Languages (French)

CJ received both a BA in French literature and a BM in piano performance at the University of Delaware.  He continued at UD to receive an MA in Modern French Studies.  He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, College Park in Modern French Studies.  

CJ's main area of research is sexuality and gender in 19th and 21st French and Francophone studies.  He is also pursuing research in broader areas of study including gender studies, LGBTQ studies, the intersections of literature, culture and sexuality, transgender and transsexual studies and literature.  His current book project looks at the intersections and negotiations between the French republican traditions of universalism and assimilation and contemporary articulations of queerness in the Francophone world including chapters on the "transpédégouine" mouvement, the podcasts Homomico, Gouinement lundi and Les Couilles sur la table, as well as Brahim Nait-Balk's Homo dans la cité.  

Courses taught:

FREN101/102: Elementary French I/II

FREN201: Immigration through the Eyes of Children

FREN202: Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary France

FREN303: Queer Francophone Identities

FREN305: Phonetics and Conversation

FREN327: Introduction to Literature in French

FREN327: La voix de l'autre dans la littérature en français

FREN316: Power, Privilege, and Diversity from the Renaissance to the Liberation of Algeria

FREN420: Sex, Gender, and Identity from 19th century to Cinema

FREN420: Les raté.e.s de la Répbulique: assimilation, intégration et identité dans la France contemporaine

WGSS370: Introduction to Transgender Studies 



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