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Reception for Dr. Asher

On Friday afternoon, October 28, 2011, Dr. J. William Asher '50 was recognized for his generous support for the enrichment of teaching and learning at DePauw. President Casey, faculty, students, and friends of DePauw attended the reception in Roy O. West Library.

Dr. Kevin Moore, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Honor Scholar Program, and his wife Ms. Harriett Moore, Adjunct Professor of Harp, visited with Dr. Asher
Dr. Terri Bonebright, Professor of Psychology, listened as students talked with Dr. Asher.
Psychology professors Dr. Matt Hertenstein, Dr. Terri Bonebright, and Dr. Pam Propsom along with several others in attendance enjoyed speakers' comments during the reception.

Senior psychology major Rachel German shared some of her experiences at the 23rd annual Association of Psychological Science Convention last summer.  The 2011 convention was held in Washington, DC in May.  Rachel, along with other students, received financial support from the J. William and Katherine C. Asher Endowed Research Fund to help cover expenses related to the conference.   

Dr. and Mrs. Asher with President Brian W. Casey