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S.O.A.R. - The Student Organized Alcohol Research Project

For the past 6 years a student research group (SOAR: Student Organized Alcohol Research) and Professor Pam Prompson have been conducting a survey of DePauw student alcohol attitudes, perceptions and behaviors.

The research finds that students are often inaccurate about their peers’ attitudes and behaviors, and this might contribute to increased perceived pressure to drink. The social norming perspective regarding alcohol use suggests that if we provide students with more accurate information about other students’ behaviors (which indicates that student drinking is often more modest and responsible than we anticipate), they might decrease their own risky drinking.

SOAR results from the previous spring are made available to university staff and faculty and are used throughout Orientation programming with Mentors, Resident Assistant’s, New Staff and First Year Students for the purposes of education, intervention and tracking current trends.