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Careers, Internships, and Grad School Planning

There are many career directions available to students who major in Psychology, and as a student, it’s important to be proactive in gaining a variety of experiences so you find what feels like the best fit and simultaneously build a strong resume. Here are descriptions of a few internal resources, followed by helpful external resources.

Internal Resources


  • An internship/co-curricular experiences sheet is shared internally.  It provides lots of ideas for valuable experiences during the semester, during Winter Term, and during the summer.  Each semester it is updated with feedback on recent experiences from our students. 
  • An alumni networking resource is also shared internally.  This provides our students with alumni contacts in a variety of fields (e.g., clinical and counseling, allied health fields, school psychology, law and forensic psychology, etc.).  Each semester we use our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/depauwpsych/?ref=group_header and other communications with alumni to update this resource.
  •  Each semester we hold sessions for our students on career planning and graduate school planning. 
  • Our department’s Facebook group (LINK) is a terrific resource for connecting with alumni and to get advice and learn about opportunities.
  •  We have a variety of career planning and graduate school planning books in our main office, Harrison 108A.  Student can drop by the office to check out books from Jennifer Plew, our administrative assistant.
  •  Check out DePauw University’s Hubbard Center for Student Engagement , which assists all DePauw students with internships, off-campus study, and career development.


External Resources


  • Career Planning in Psychology

    • An article: “Careers in Psychology: Planning for Success” (http://bcs.worthpublishers.com/webpub/Ektron/Myers...)