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REL 184

On-Campus Extended Studies Course

On-Campus Extended Studies course in Religious Studies.

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Matt Dillon

184A: Star Wars

Meeting Times: Week 1: 2-6 pm, WThF; Week 2 & 3: 2-6 pm, MTThF; Week 4: 2-6 pm, MTW.
Location: Julian Auditorium
Fees: None
Prerequisites: None

The Star Wars films (1977-2017) contain one of the richest, most imaginative fictional universes of our time. Four generations of fans line up around the block for each new film. Characters in this universe--from Princess Leah and Han Solo to Yoda--are household names. How are we to understand the abiding influence and popularity of these films? What meaning do viewers find in them? In this course, we will answer these questions by treating Star Wars as a modern myth. Utilizing theories and methods from religious studies (e.g. psychology, comparative religion, sociology, anthropology), we will rigorously analyze the Evil Empire, the Force, the Rebellion--and much more. Student can expect to gain a working knowledge of theoretical tools utilized in humanities disciplines as well as a novel and penetrating understanding of the Star Wars films.