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Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Courses for Spring 2018

Introduction to Women’s Studies
Leigh-Anne Goins
WGSS140A Tuesday and Thursday  10:00-11:30

Introduction to Women’s Studies
Meryl Altman
WGSS140B Tuesday and Thursday  10:00-11:30

Queer Theory/Queer Lives
Kelley Hall
WGSS 250A and Sociology 217A Tuesday and Thursday  8:20-9:50          

Feminist Theory
Meryl Altman
WGSS 340A Tuesday and Thursday  2:20-3:50

Women and the Internet
Leigh-Anne Goins
WGSS 370A Tuesday and Thursday  12:40-2:10

Black Feminisms
Leigh-Anne Goins
WGSS 370B   Tuesday and Thursday  2:20-3:50

Chicana Feminism
Christy Holmes
WGSS 370C   Monday and Wednesday 2:20-3:50         

Ethnography of Gender in South Asia 
Mona Bhan
Anthropology 290A Tuesday and Thursday  12:40-2:10       

Ethnographic Perspectives on Reproduction and Childbirth.
Angela Castaneda
Anthropology 390A               Tuesday and Thursday  2:20-3:50       

Sex and Gender in Greco-Roman Antiquity
Kristin Mann
Classical Studies 300A    Monday, Wednesday, Friday  10:20-11:20                      

Gender and Theatre
Susan Anthony
Communication and Theatre 315B Tuesday and Thursday  10:00-11:30 

U.S. Women’s History from 1890 to the present
Sarah Rowley
History 278A Monday, Wednesday, Friday  12:30-1:30

Women & Gender in Islam
Jeff Kenney
Religious Studies 354A Tuesday and Thursday  12:40-2:10

Critical Men’s and Masculinities Studies in Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Justin Glessner 
Religious Studies 370A Monday and Wednesday 8:20-9:50 

Perspectives: Masculinities
Matthew Oware
Sociology 201A Tuesday and Thursday  12:40-2:10              

Gender in Global Perspective
Danielle Kane
Sociology 301B   Monday, Wednesday, Friday  12:30-1:30

Intimate Violence
Rebecca Bordt
Sociology  333A. Monday, Wednesday, Friday  8:00-9:00     

Senior Thesis
Christy Holmes                  
WGSS 440A Monday and Wednesday 7:00-8:30 pm   

Senior Thesis Workshop (open to all majors)
Meryl Altman
WGSS EXP Tuesday 7:00-8:50 pm