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Feminist Approaches to Environmentalism

new course Spring 2011

WS 370B Feminist Approaches to Environmentalism

 Professor Christina Holmes


WS 370 Feminist Approaches to Environmentalism

Professor Christina Holmes

 This course explores a variety of feminist approaches to environmentalism in the work of feminist artists, activists and scholars. Women have been at the forefront of struggles to reclaim their homes, communities and lands from patriarchal and (neo)colonial oppression. In this class, we will look at the ways in which their place-centered ecological narratives are constructed at the intersections of gendered, raced, classed and sexual identities. 

Course Topics Include:

  • Ecofeminism and environmental justice

  • Our relationships to animals and food

  • Gender and development, ecological economics, and “green” consumerism

  • Environmental spiritualities

  • The role of science in feminist environmentalism

  • And more! Come learn about dumpster diving, permaculture, green fashion, ecocriticism in literature, and feminist forms of environmental activism!