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Jeane Pope

Associate Professor of Geosciences


Jeane joined the DePauw faculty as member of the Department of Geosciences in the fall of 2002. Her interest in Geology and Environmental Science was first sparked at Bucknell University where she worked on two undergraduate programs, both involving water chemistry. After graduating in 1995, she moved to Colorado and completed a Masters of Science in Geochemistry at the Colorado School of Mines. While in Colorado, Jeane found that her true passion was in teaching, which caused her to pursue a Ph.D. at Virginia Tech. Her dissertation, which was entitled “Geochemical Reactions in Waste Piles,” was completed the spring before she started at DePauw.

At DPU, Jeane has helped develop classes for the Environmental Geoscience major, including Environmental Geology, Introduction to Environmental Science Seminar, Geochemistry, and Applied Hydrogeology. Although these classes focus on science, they also include the social dimensions of environmental problems.

Jeane has been actively involved in the Women in Science (WIS) program coming to DePauw in 2002 and was the Coordinator for WIS from 2006 – 2009. During that time, she welcomed many visiting women scientists to campus and helped plan and run a WIS Reunion in 2008. She has also actively mentored undergraduate women interested in science in general and environmental geoscience in particular. Jeane is passionate about raising awareness of environmental problems and working with a variety of different groups towards their solution.