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Advice for writing letters of recommendation
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Referring Students For a Fellowship 

Nationally competitive awards and scholarships support study, work and research in the US and abroad, some at the undergraduate level but most at the graduate level. Most of these awards are extremely competitive and require students to have a strong academic record and a cohesive narrative enriched by experiences in and out of the classroom. DePauw has many students who fit this description and they are much more likely to apply for an award when a respected professor suggests they do.

While students often apply to these awards as juniors and seniors, some are open to sophomores while others are open to alumni. More importantly, when we identify students early in their academic career as potential candidates, they have time to pursue academic and applied experiences that make them even stronger candidates.

Experience tells us that if students start researching awards in the spring and summer, they are more likely to put together a strong application. They are also more likely to request letters of recommendation earlier! Refer students by using this google form.

Advice for Writing Letters of Recommendation

 Letters of recommendation should be specific to the student and speak to the abilities students have to carry out the work they are proposing to do. For this reason, students are strongly encouraged to contact faculty and staff members 2-3 months prior to deadlines to request a letter of recommendation and to share their personal statements or other application materials. 

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Classroom or Department Visits

The fellowship adviser is happy to visit your class or department to share information about nationally competitive fellowships and awards. Presentations can be as short as a few minutes or a whole hour. Just let the adviser know what works for you!  Contact Kate Knaul at